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Recent MW Albums


Mike Whalen/Jim Steed "Get A Little Closer/Don't Let Go" (single)1984 Patch Records

Michael Whalen "Sea Power: A Global Journey" (soundtrack)1993 Narada/Cinema

Michael Whalen "Phantom of the Forest" (soundtrack) 1994 Narada/Cinema

Michael Whalen "Great African Moments" (soundtrack) 1994 Narada/Cinema

VARIOUS "Christmas Blessings" (holiday)1995 Narada 

David Arkenstone "Quest of the Dream Warrior" (producer, arranger) 1995 Narada 

Michael Whalen "Forever Wild" (soundtrack) 1996 Narada

Michael Whalen "Afraid of Thunder" (classical) 1996 Helicon Classical

Jim Brickman "Picture This" (producer, arranger) 1997 Windham Hill

Open Door "North From Riverside" (jazz) 1997 Helicon Jazz

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Songs Without Words" (producer, contributor) 1997 Windham Hill 

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Grand Piano" (solo piano) 1998 Narada

Michael Whalen "Titanic: Anatomy of a Disaster" (soundtrack) 1998 Centaur Records

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Poké Mon: 2 B A Master" (soundtrack) 1999 Koch/4 Kids

Michael Whalen "The Softest Touch" (solo piano) 1999 EverSound

Michael Whalen "The Shadows of October" (classical) 1999 Arabesque

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Tidings of Joy" (holiday) 1999 EverSound

Michael Whalen "The Border of Dusk" (jazz fusion) 2000 Koch Jazz

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Reel Life: The Private Music of Film Composers" 2000 Arabesque Classical

Jim Steed "Til' I Found You" (producer, musician, mixer) 2000 JSM

Michael Whalen "Lost Liners" (soundtrack) 2000 MWM


Michael Whalen "Mysterious Ways" 2001 (smooth jazz) Koch 

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Rare Requests: Volume 2" (smooth jazz) 2001 Q/Atlantic

VARIOUS ARTISTS "20 Years of Narada Piano" (solo piano) 2001 Narada

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Yu-Gi-Oh: Music to Duel By" (soundtrack) 2002 Koch/4 Kids 

Michael Whalen "The Shape of Life" (soundtrack) 2002 Alchemy

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Earth Songs/Precious Waters" (world/new age) 2003 Narada

Michael Whalen "Night Scenes" (ambient) 2004 MWM/Spout


Michael Whalen "From Conception to Birth" (soundtrack) 2004 Valley/Cherry Lane


Michael Whalen "Like Rain Through My Hands" (ambient) 2004 MWM/Spout


Jon Durant "Things Behind the Sun" (musician) 2004 Alchemy


Michael Whalen "Jazzworks Volume 1" (jazz) "2004 MWM/Spout


Michael Whalen "Slavery and the Making of America" (soundtrack) 2005 Valley Entertainment


Michael Whalen "My Secret Heart" (new age) 2005 Narada

Michael Whalen "Music for the Natural World" (compilation) 2005 MWM 

Michael Whalen "Lullabies for Grown-ups" (compilation) 2005 MWM


Jim Steed "Fall" (EP) (producer, musician, mixer) 2007JSM


Michael Whalen "The Other Coast" (new age) 2007 MWM

Andiamo "Love, From Italy" (classical crossover - producer, arranger, mixer) 2007 Denon Classical


Michael Whalen "The Road of Ghosts" (EP) (singer/songwriter) 2009 MWM/Spout

Kristin Hoffman "The Waking" (EP) (producer. co-writer) 2009 KHM 


Michael Whalen "Dancing in Black and White: The Best of Michael Whalen" (compilation) 2010 


Michael Whalen "Lights Along the Highway" (classical/compilation) 2010 Arabesque Classical

Supa' K "Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun with Supa' K" (children's music) 2011 The Orchard

Michael Whalen "The Sea of Tranquility" (ambient) 2012 MWM

Michael Whalen "All The Things I Could Not Say" 2013 MWM

Bala Brothers "Bala Brothers" 2015 (producer, arranger, mixer) Parlophone/WMG

Michael Whalen "You Are My Home" (solo piano) 2015 MWM

Azure "Je Réve" (single) 2016 Orchard

Michael Whalen "Dream Cycle" (ambient) 2017 Valley Entainment

Michael Whalen "Kiss The Quiet" (ambient) 2018 MWM

Michael Whalen "Michael Whalen & The Fire Brigade" (jazz) 2019 Ropeadope Records

Michael Whalen "Cupid Blindfolded" (solo piano) 2019 Solace/Real Music

Michael Whalen "Sacred Spaces" (ambient/electronic) 2020 Solace/myndstream

Michael Whalen "Theme to the 'Not Perfect' Podcast" (single) 2020 myndstream

BlueMonk & Michael Whalen "Karmic Dreams" 2020 Solace/myndstream

The Reply "The Complete Collection" 2020 [recorded 1986 - 1988] (producer, engineer & mixer) Discord

Carl Borden & Michael Whalen "I'm Alright" (Black Mental Health Alliance Theme) (single)

2021 myndstream


Michael Whalen "Future Shock" (Jazz/Fusion) 2021 MWM/Spout (CDBaby)

Masako "Wanderlust" (musician) 2021 Masako Music

Michael Whalen "Phonic" (single) 2021 myndstream

VARIOUS ARTISTS "myndstream Collection Volume 1" (co-producer/contributor) 2021 myndstream

Michael Whalen "Imaginary Trains" (ambient/electronic) 2022

MWM/Spout (Six Degrees Distribution/InGrooves)

Michael Whalen "Michael Whalen: Live In Concert" (ambient/electronic) 2022

MWM/Spout (Six Degrees Distribution/InGrooves)

Michael Whalen "Across The World To Be With You" (REMIXES - EP) (ambient/electronic) 2022

MWM/Spout (Six Degrees Distribution/InGrooves)

Michael Whalen "Exaltation" Original Soundtrack Recording (soundtrack) 2023

MWM/Spout (Six Degrees Distribution/InGrooves)

Michael Whalen "Our April Tigers" (ambient/fusion/global) 2023

MWM/Spout (Six Degrees Distribution/InGrooves)

Michael Whalen "Walking In Beauty, Like The Night" (ambient/new age) 2023

MWM/Spout (Six Degrees Distribution/InGrooves)

Michael Whalen "Brokenhearted Lopsided Blues" (smooth jazz/R&B) 2024

MWM/Spout (Six Degrees Distribution/InGrooves)

Michael Whalen "Watercolor Sky" (ambient/new age) 2024

MWM/Spout (Six Degrees Distribution/InGrooves)

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