On March 6th, 2020, Michael will release "Sacred Spaces" on his Solace label (a division of myndstream).


"Sacred Spaces" has been an album many years in the making. First, it started as a classical project in the late 2000s. Michael thought that he would write a "string symphony" based on his search for spiritual path. A three movement piece was plotted and a number of musical themes were developed... and then nothing.


For years...

In 2018, Michael picked-up the project again but decided to put the classical treatment aside in favor of a large scale electronic project. Michael said: "I have thought about writing a piece which details the emotional interior journey of creating a spiritual path. I grew-up Catholic; but I have discovered that spirituality and religion are not the same. I think I was initially attracted to creating a "classical" piece I had it that I had to treat anything religious with some kind of "sober" reverence. We call that "Catholic guilt" (laughs). 

He picked some of the existing melodic material to work on for the recording. He then started to create sounds for the project. Over three months, he created over 800 sounds, textures, loops and timbres. "After working on thousands commercials for over 30 years" Michael says, "I am not sure how many of my listeners know how much sound design work I have done. Honestly, sound design is a skill that is at the same level as my melodic skills - I think. I am surprised how many new timbres I made that I had never created before. A whole new palette. Once I had the sounds all set, the album happened very quickly." 

You can hear the result now on a special preview of the album. Listen to the song "Ordinary Miracles".



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