Michael Whalen is a two-time Emmy® Award winning composer and music supervisor (with 8 nominations) who has worked in advertising, television, film and video games for over 30 years. Some of his best-known work: “Veronika Decides to Die” (2014), “What the Bleep Do You Know?”, “As The World Turns”, themes for HBO, CBS News, ABC News’ “Good Morning America”, “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, dozens of specials for PBS, National Geographic, Discovery, The BBC, NHK and the History Channel and television films for Lifetime and the Hallmark Channel. Michael is also an internationally known recording artist with 32 solo and soundtrack recordings to his credit. Well-known for his beautiful and thematic music, he performs when time allows. He has also produced and executive produced over 100 recordings for other artists. His work as a executive producer resulted in a Grammy Nomination in 2000. 

As well as his music work, Michael is an expert on copyright law, music monetization and digital rights. He consults with major technology and music companies and mentors artists around the world. As a teacher, he has been an adjunct professor at NYU, The Berklee College of Music, The City College of NY and the Fashion Institue of Technology. Michael is also an author, thought leader on the future on digital copyrights and panelist at dozens of major conferences and festivals.


MW's Studio:

Michael has been a Yamaha

Artist for 25 years

Yamaha gear: 

Yamaha Montage 8 workstation synthesizer, Yamaha MX-88 MIDI controller, Yamaha DX-5 synthesizer, Yamaha TX-216 synthesizer, Yamaha MODX-6 synthesizer, Yamaha Reface CS & DX synthesizers, Yamaha CS-20 synthesizer, Yamaha CP-35 electric piano, Yamaha Clavinova CLP-665GP digital grand piano, Yamaha TF-1 digital mixer and Yamaha HS-8 studio monitors. 

Everything else: 

Moog One 8-voice synthesizer, Arturia Matrixbrute synthesizer, Moog Minimoog Model D synthesizer (re-issue), Korg MS-20 synthesizer, Mellotron Mini sample player, Sequential Prophet-6 synthesizer, Kyma Workstation, Synclavier Go digital synthesizer, Waldorf Quantum digital synthesizer, Moog Prodigy synthesizer, Roland VP-330 Vocoder, Pittsburgh Modular Lifeform 4 modular synthesizer,  Rhodes Mark V 73 electric piano, ARP 16-Voice piano, ARP Pro Soloist DGX synthesizer and Roli Seaboard Rise 25 MIDI controller. 

Strandberg “Boden 6” electric guitar, Fender Telecaster electric guitar, Tony Vines custom acoustic. Marshall amplifier and various effects pedals. 


Apple Logic Pro X sequencer, AVID Pro Tools system. Apogee interface. 


Michael is exclusively published by Warner Chappell Music Publishing

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Michael records exclusively for Solace (a division of Real Music)

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