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Michael Whalen

2X Emmy® Award-Winning Composer &

Music Supervisor, Recording Artist and Producer

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The New Album Coming 05.24.24


13 facts about Michael Whalen:

1. 1 Billion Streams + since 2015. All platforms.

2. 2X Emmy® Winner. 8 lifetime nominations. 

3. BMI award winner and a Global Music "Gold" award winner. 

4. Gold Record for "Poke' Mon 2.B.A. Master" soundtrack album. [1999]

5. MW taught himself how to play the piano after playing vibraphone, xylaphone & marimba.

6. MW was a clown in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 11 times. 

7. When creating an album, Michael has all the titles and even the artwork beforehand.

8. CrossFit® enthusiast with private gym at home - 8 years. 

9. Finished THREE New York City Marathons in 2014, 2015 & 2016.

10. Father of 2, husband & dog owner.  

11. Has taught at four colleges: NYU, Berklee, City College of NY, The New School. 

12. MW has created music for thousands of commercials, hundreds of TV shows and dozens of films.

13. "The Köln Concert" by Keith Jarrett is MW's favorite recording of all-time. 

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