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Michael Whalen

2X Emmy® Award-Winning Composer &

Music Supervisor, Recording Artist and Producer



Even if you are brand new to Michael’s music, chances are very good that you have already heard the music of two-time Emmy® Award and BMI Award winner Michael Whalen. 

After more than 30 years as one of the top television and film composers, an internationally renowned recording artist, a music supervisor, artist coach/client and former record label executive, his music has been heard by billions and billions of people. He has accumulated more than 850 million streams from all worldwide music platforms since 2015. His musical output is enormous and ranges from ambient/new age to jazz to soundtrack/theme music, world music, singer/songwriter, classical and crossover. 

Michael is an expert on copyright law, music monetization and digital rights. He consults with major technology and music companies and mentors artists around the world as part of his company Artist Expansion. As a teacher, he has been an adjunct professor at NYU, The Berklee College of Music, and The City College of NY. Michael is also an author, thought leader on the future on digital copyrights and panelist at dozens of major conferences and festivals. 

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10 FACTS about MW:

1. 850 million streams lifetime across ALL platforms.

2. 2x Emmy® Winner. 8 lifetime nominations. 

3. Grammy Nominated Executive Producer

4. Gold Record for "Poke' Mon 2.B.A. Master" soundtrack album. 1999. 

5. Michael started as a drummer/percussionist. He taught himself how to play the piano after learning how to play mallets, vibraphone, xylaphone & marimba.

6. Michael has been a clown in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade eleven times. He calls it one of the best and most exciting things he has ever done.

7. Before writing music for an album, Michael has all the titles and even the artwork selected. He likes having the image and the words help frame the songs like “scenes” in a movie.

8. CrossFit Enthusiast with private gym at home - 8 years. 

9. Finished THREE New York City Marathons. 

10. Father of 2, Husband & Dog owner.  


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